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    I found it. The second best line in fanfiction history.

    what’s the first?



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    824. The first vegan student is a muggleborn, and at the opening feast they don’t know what to eat and end up asking to go to bed before the rest. When they get to their dorm room, they find a house elf there who asks if they didn’t like the food and the muggleborn rushes to explain her predicament. The next day, all the dishes have little labels next to them that say things like ‘vegan’, ‘halal’, ‘lactose-free’, etc.

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    *Remus and Tonks losing Teddy in a crowded place*

    "What does your son look like?"

    "Good question"

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  • Orange is the New Black: a summary

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    this will never not be funny

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    true friendship is talking about masturbating and it not being weird 

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  • from Mallory Ortberg’s hilarious “Male Novelist Jokes.” (via coketalk)

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  • "He lit a cigarette. His glass of whiskey lit a cigarette. “I can only truly love my dead best friend,” he said, “but not in a gay way. Women wouldn’t understand. They’re too gay.” Both of the cigarettes agreed."
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    Remember that time Percy Weasley ran into the Hogwarts Lake in the middle of winter to go grab his younger brother out of it?

    Or the time he was the one to write home and tell his parents that Ginny was taken into the Chamber of Secrets?

    Or the time he was so upset about Fred’s death that he practically had to be dragged away from his brother’s body?


    Then don’t go calling Percy the evil Weasley.

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    I think the “women are mysterious” thing can also come from:

    1) Women actually being quite clear, but not telling men what they want to hear.  ”She said she doesn’t want to talk to me?  So many mixed messages and confusing signals!”

    2) Women not having cheat codes.  ”I tried being nice, and she didn’t have sex with me.  I tried being an asshole, and she didn’t have sex with me.  Come on, there’s got to be some kind of solution to this puzzle!”

    3) Women not being a hive mind.  ”First a woman told me that she likes guys with big muscles.  Then the very next day a woman told me she thinks muscles aren’t attractive at all.  Make up your mind, women!”

    4) An individual woman doing something confusing, and instead of asking “why is she doing this now?” men ask “why do women always do this?”

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    did a little eyeliner tutorial for you guys :-)

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    Not the heroes we thought we needed but the heroes we really needed all along

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